Stunning Craftsman Basement Remodel14 photos
Homeowners needed help with making their basement project come to life!!! We first started with wall color selections and then moved onto textured wall finishes...they really loved the heavy quartz stone textured wall finishes on my sample boards. Colors were chosen and the painting began!!! They were so excited everyday to see the progress as there was a large amount of specialty painting being done throughout the entire space. To give you a little background on this project, the color they selected was to be a taupe gray. As I was applying the texture on the walls, it was looking way too blue gray for me, but they were loving it. I had completed their pool table/game room area and I was not satisfied with the color at all as it did not work with their beautiful stonework and granite. They would have been fine with it but I wasn't because I am so meticulous and fussy. I told them I needed to repaint the room, NC, as it needed to be the perfect color. As we know, lighting plays such a big role and sometimes the color you think will work just doesn't. Walls were completed, everyone was happy and then it was time for accessorizing the space... it all came together beautifully! The end result, Clients were happy and so was I.