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Master Bath & Guest Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners were ready for a remodel of their Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom. They were not quite sure of what they were looking for but were ready to start. We had fun shopping at many tile stores and got lots of tile samples to bring home to show the family. After numerous trips we finally achieved our goal of finding the perfect tile for both bathrooms. After that accomplishment came the decisions for the faucets, countertops, vanities, lighting, wall colors, mirrors and more!!! Very overwhelming for them as many decisions needed to be made to keep the process rolling. When I came up with the navy blue for the Master Bath and Bedroom, it sounded a bit scary but they trusted me to give it a try. They were great to work with and we made a good team. They were very happy with the end result and that's what it's all about!!!

Master Bathroom Remodel